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  • 🏎️ BANNED: Why Ferrari & More Sue and Ban Customers

🏎️ BANNED: Why Ferrari & More Sue and Ban Customers

PLUS: Goodbye to the Audi R8, an Incredible Porsche Restomod, and more

Picture this: You just spent $300,000 and waited 2 years for a car. You want to modify it a bit and maybe even resell it… but you can’t. We’re digging into a hot topic this week - manufacturers preventing owners from modifying and/or selling their cars after purchase. In addition, we’re digging into a roundup of great stories + videos including a farewell to the Audi R8 & the failure of the Cadillac XLR.

Poll Of The Week

Do you think Ferrari should ban and/or sue customers for modifying their cars?

The results to this should start a good discussion :).

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As a follow-up to last weeks poll, we saw 35% of readers saying they’ve been to Monterey car week. A whooping 41% are planning on it in the future. We’ll have to plan a Super Veloce meetup there!

The Headlines

Interesting Links & Videos to Check Out

We’ve got EVERY M2 Generation racing against each other from the newest 2023 to the BMW 1M. It’s always fun to see how the old stacks up vs. the new.

This is a supercar owners worst nightmare - transporting your car and having it destroyed. Thankfully everyone is okay. Sadly, the 9 supercars totaling millions of dollars are not.

That’s right - 2300 HORSEPOWER. This is a first look at the final production version of the V8 Hybrid Koenigsegg Gemera. Oh… and it fits FOUR people comfortably. 🤯

Top Spots This Week

Okay, Monterey car week might be over, but we have a bunch of spots from there and all across the world.

Okay, an F8 is kind of rare… but kittens sleeping in it? Feels like a 1 of 1

The Eagle Spyder GT is such a beautiful car. Shout out to Noah for spotting and finding this.

Cars Worth Buying

Every week we share a few sports cars and exotic cars that we think are great to own and also priced really well. If we could, we’d go and buy all of them…